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Article on Keeping Workers Safe While Working on Scaffolding

Understanding fall protection standards can be confusing. It is the responsibility of the employer to follow appropriate regulatory requirements, such as OSHA, for keeping workers safe. For more information about keeping workers safe while working on scaffolding, see the article below from simplifiedsafety.com.

This article notes that companies don’t always follow the standards set for scaffolding, which can be very dangerous for employees. For many work at height projects, scaffolding may not be needed and can be replaced by using certified Rope Access workers who utilize solid rigging skills and special equipment to meet the highest safety standards. PMI provides Rope Access training, which is growing in popularity. Rope Access training and certification teaches workers to understand the risks they are taking while working at height and how to recognize, communicate and mitigate those risks to decrease injuries and fatalities. Rope Access methods utilize specific techniques that give workers a wide variety of skills to increase safety while working at height. By using Rope Access Technicians, companies can reduce project costs significantly while at the same time improving safety for their workers. The cost of Rope Access certification is a small price to pay for a big peace of mind. PMI provides the Rope Access equipment training, and expertise to help your company easily understand and meet the highest standards in the industry, which is better for the company and the workers. Find out more about PMI’s training division, and see course schedules, at www.verticalrescuesolutions.com.

What Fall Protection is Required When Working on a Scaffold? – Fall Protection Blog

Fall protection regulations can be confusing to begin with, but throw in a subpart that includes an exception to the rule and there’s bound to be people who get…

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