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Review of the New PMI® Extreme Pro™ Rope

Chris, a professional window washer, recently tried out the new PMI® Extreme Pro™ rope recommended by Aaron Dover, PMI Southern Accounts Manager. Here is what Chris had to say about the rope:

Aaron! Yes! You could not be more correct… That rope is a BEAST! I compared it to everyone’s ropes at the shop and it is equally as supple as the best of them. Even though it is soft, we could feel the substantial nature of the rope when twisting the sheath. The piece of mind that comes from this alone is worth the cash to me. Then I used, abused, and hazed the rope. I ground dirt and sand into it for 20 min straight. I sawed the same spot, with all my might, across a sharp aluminum I-beam many times. The rope didn’t even fray. I was shocked at this as I was fully expecting to cut the rope clean through with this motion. Then, I took another fresh spot and sawed the heck out of it on a nice sharp angled piece of concrete. I was able to get down to the core but still the sheath didn’t make a huge fluffy fray like it normally would. I used a lighter to singe away the fray that was created and tried to melt the fibers together. Cooled it down and ran it through my descender. It was smooth as butter. Can’t be more impressed with this brute of a rope. The secretary at my shop placed an order for my 600 footer this morning! Everyone else at the shop seems sold on them as well. I have a feeling there will be quite a few of those ropes headed our way soon. Again, I can’t thank you enough for easing my troubled mind with this decision making process. You rock!

Check out this side-by-side comparison of PMI® Extreme Pro™ rope with Unicore® technology and a standard static kernmantle rope: http://youtu.be/oxiY27zM-Dc.

PMI® Extreme Pro™ with Unicore® Technology

An incredible new PMI rope, Extreme Pro™ with Unicore® technology is the ultimate polyester kernmantle rope. Unicore® technology creates the ultimate bond be…

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