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FDIC 2015 was a Huge Success!

Last week over 850 vendors and 50,000 attendees descended on Indianapolis, Indiana for FDIC International 2015. It was a great show!

PMI was visible from just about anywhere on the floor. Anyone on the exhibit hall floor could see the hanging ropes, and ascending and descending activity coming from booth 3217. As they got closer they were able to watch Loui McCurley and Andrew Duran give live Harken® Powerseat™ demos, riding high into the rafters of the convention center!

There was lot of buzz about the 12.5mm Hudson Classic Pro with Unicore® Technology prior to the show, and it drew a large amount of interest from attendees, firefighters, industry competitors, and purchasing agents alike. Instead of just talking about the benefits of the rope, we encouraged people to try to milk the sheath off the core themselves! Anyone who stopped by received a 1’ sample of the rope and a poster. This rope turned a lot of heads at the show, and with its’ increased safety features will soon make a big splash in the industry.

Also new at this year’s booth, PMI had two TerrAdaptor™ tripods set up. One of the units was in the classic tripod position, while the other was laid flat, spanning a section of metal trusses. It was a powerful way to exhibit the flexibility of the TerrAdaptor™, and how it sets itself apart from the competition. Some even found it hard to believe that both units were in fact the same piece of gear.

Looking forward to the 2016 show!

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