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Deaths From Falls From Height Can Be Prevented

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Falls continue to rank as the leading cause of death in construction, with more than 300 workers losing their lives each year. In an alarming number of cases, cause of the incident is traced back to the employee not having been provided adequate equipment or training. Lack of fall protection is (still) the most frequently cited OSHA violation.

This week marks a focused emphasis by OSHA on preventing catastrophic workplace falls. Employers across the nation will participate in OSHA’s Construction Fall Protection Safety Stand Down between the dates of June 2 and June 6. A Safety Stand Down is a time when companies and workers voluntarily stop work to participate in safety events and activities designed to prevent these kinds of incidents.

Deaths from falls from height can be prevented by employers providing employees with adequate equipment and proper training. Please join PMI in a focused effort on safety in work at height. To view PMI equipment for work at height, visit www.pmirope.com or to see our training schedule please visit http://ow.ly/xxNKd.

National Safety Stand-Down

Prevent Falls in Construction and Other Industries

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