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Re-Introducing Kitty Calhoun! – One of PMI's Famous Vertical Specialists

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

With over 35 years of technical excellence in rope manufacturing and actively participating in research, testing, and standards relating to climbing equipment, no other company knows ropes and gear better than PMI.

PMI’s Vertical Specialist program is designed to allow the experienced specialist to become involved with PMI in developing new and improved gear
through field testing products and providing feedback to product development.

Kitty Calhoun depends on PMI rope for her work as a climbing guide as well as in her endless pursuit of climbing goals and dreams. Kitty was a rock instructor for Outward Bound in 1982, a guide for the American Alpine Institute from 1985 – 1990, and she has guided numerous 19,000’ to 22,000’ peaks in Alaska, Argentina, Bolivia, Nepal, and Peru over the past years.


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