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A Matter of Millimeters

October 15th, 2015

PMI is a distributor of life safety equipment for work-at-height and we care about your safety and the equipment you use. Heightec has recently released an important inspection statement regarding the heightec D42 Twist Chest Ascender. If you use this chest ascender, then please carefully read the inspection notice and comply with all requests to see if your heightec D42 Twist Chest Ascender meets the requirements for replacement. We recommend measuring the device as heightec states and checking the batch number on the device before sending it in because it may not qualify for replacement. PMI customers can send their Twist to PMI or heightec for inspection and possible replacement if it meets the criteria stated in the notice by heightec.
We apologize for any inconvenience that this request may cause. Always make sure that you are using equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that each person is properly trained to use the equipment.
PMI is always happy to answer any questions and provide you with further assistance for this inspection notice by contacting us at (706) 764-1437 or 1 (800) 282—ROPE (7673) or custserv@pmirope.com. If your heightec D42 Twist Chest Ascender meets requirements for replacement then you can send it with the inspection notice and your return address to the:

Pigeon Mountain Industries, Inc.
c/o Kim Hunter
P.O. Box 803
Lafayette, GA 30728

heightec Inspection Notice:


During an IRATA Level 1 training course a candidate’s chest ascender, a heightec Twist (D42) released the rope during a wide re-belay maneuver when the ascender was in the bottom of the ‘V’ of rope and both sides of the ‘V’ were loaded. No one was injured during the incident.


Checks have indicated that twist ascenders manufactured before December 2011 could be susceptible to a similar issue. Compact and Pulsar ascenders are not affected.

Action required

Twist ascenders manufactured before December 2011 may be identified by their batch number, e.g. 1211, where the first two digits signify the month (12 = December) and the last two digits signify the year (11 = 2011).

If you have any twist ascenders manufactured before December 2011 measure across the body of the device to the side of the rivet head as shown in the photo. The shortest distance between the two points shown should be 26mm or less.


If the dimension is greater than 26mm then quarantine the device and return it to heightec for free replacement. Alternatively, contact heightec Technical Manager Chris Edmondson on 01539728866 or Email, chris.edmondson@heightec.com. 7/10/15

The heightec Group Ltd, Lake District Business Park, Mint Bridge Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 6NH, UK

Tel: +44 (0) 1539 728866 Fax: +44 (0) 1539 728833

Email: info@heightec.com Web: heightec.com

Occupational Asbestos Exposure is Still a Risk

July 16th, 2015

“According to the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety, more than 75 occupational groups have exposed workers to asbestos.” The top five at-risk occupations are: firefighters, industrial workers, power plant workers, shipyard workers, and construction workers. PMI knows that firefighters and those who work at height in industrial locations may be exposed to asbestos at some point throughout their career. We are pleased to share some information from The Mesothelioma Center to help increase education and inform the public of the ongoing dangers of asbestos. You can learn more about the occupations and industries that place people at risk of asbestos exposure at www.asbestos.com/occupations/.

PMI was Proud to Sponsor SARCON 2015

June 7th, 2015

PMI was a proud sponsor of SARCON 2015, which was held this past weekend in Estes Park, Colorado at the YMCA of the Rockies. This year’s event was the largest in recent memory, with 350 people from 28 states, 5 nations and 115 SAR organizations taking part in two days of classroom presentations and field demos. Many thanks to all the SARCON organizers who made this conference a reality (including PMI’s own Jessica Wyderko, Aaron Dover and Tom Wood), as well as the countless volunteers who took time from their busy schedules to participate as attendees or presenters.

Members of the High Altitude Aviation Training Site (HAATS) were kind enough to bring in one of their Blackhawks for an external hoist demo with Flight for Life Colorado and members of Vail Mountain Rescue Group.
Members of the High Altitude Aviation Training Site (HAATS) were kind enough to bring in one of their Blackhawks for an external hoist demo with Flight for Life Colorado and members of Vail Mountain Rescue Group.
Members of Vail Mountain Rescue Group pose with members of the Colorado Army National Guard last Friday after the hoist operation which was held in front of hundreds of onlookers.
PMI supplied the ropes and hardware for the rope ascending station, which was staffed by cavers from the Colorado Cave Rescue Rescue Network (CCRN) and the National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC). — at YMCA of the Rockies.
Carnage! As part of the preconference for SARCON, the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group opened up their headquarters (AKA The Cage) to SAR folks who like to break things. Three stations, staffed by RMRG members, offered up drop tests, slow pull destructive testing and highline force calculations.
Just for fun, the cavers brought along a Squeezebox to challenge folks at the rope ascending station at SARCON. Here, VRS’ newest Instructor, Martin Barnett, does his best to escape the 7 inch tall opening of the Squeezebox.
Employing various rope ascending techniques, SARCON attendees had the chance to get in some exercise under the watchful eyes of folks like Andrew Blackstock, NCRC Instructor and RMRG member.

PMI Attends the 14th Annual Swiftwater Expo

June 3rd, 2015

This past weekend PMI was at the 14th Annual Swiftwater Expo at Saguaro Lake, Arizona, presented by Arizona Hiking Shack. Several swiftwater teams from around the state competed in scenarios in preparation for Arizona’s upcoming monsoon season. Congratulations to Central Arizona Mountain Rescue for taking first place in the event!

For more information about Central Arizona Mountain Rescue, please visit: www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Arizona-Mountain-Rescue-Association/130924893584550

For more information about the Mountain Rescue Association, please visit: www.mra.org

For more information about PMI ropes and gear, please visit: www.pmirope.com

Central Arizona Mountain Rescue Association#‎mountainrescue‬#‎swiftwater‬

Congratulations to Team Metro Vancouver Fire!

June 1st, 2015

PMI congratulates the Metro Vancouver Fire Grimp Team for finishing 5th place in the recent GRIMPDAY competition in Namur, Belgium! GRIMPDAY is an annual event that brings together EMS teams from around the world for two days of competition. PMI is pleased to be one of the Metro Vancouver Fire Grimp Team’s sponsors. Great job team! ‪#‎grimpday‬

PMI is Proud to Sponsor Team Metro Vancouver Fire in GRIMPDAY 2015

May 26th, 2015

PMI is proud to be a sponsor along with Ronin Rescue and Arcteryx for Team-Metro Vancouver Fire in the upcoming GRIMPDAY 2015 on May 29 and 30 in Namur, Belgium. “GRIMPDAY 2015 is an international challenge that brings together search and rescue teams from around the world (firefighters, civil defense, military, and police). The event takes place in Namur, Belgium, where teams compete against each other through exercises involving the unique elements related to search and rescue in hazardous environments. This event was created in 2006 by members of Namur’s regional fire department.”

All our best hopes to Team-Metro Vancouver Fire this weekend!

For more information about GRIMPDAY, please visit: http://www.grimpday.com/new/index.php/en/

For more information about Ronin Rescue, please visit: http://www.roninrescue.com/

For more information about PMI, please visit: http://www.pmirope.com/

Oil and Gas Industry Going to be Subject to OSHA’s SVEP Program

May 4th, 2015

Due to a “significant worker fatality rate which is 5 to 8 times greater than the national average for all US industries over the last 20 years” the Oil and Gas industry is going to be subject to OSHA’s SVEP program. Read more in the article below:

Oil and Gas Industry Faces OSHA Scruity


OSHA is putting the oil and gas industry under increased scrutiny as it issued a notice announcing the industry will be subject to its Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP). Thomas Galassi,…

Support the Relief Effort for the People of Nepal

April 30th, 2015

PMI cares about all of the organizations and SAR teams who are on the ground in Nepal reaching out with help for the people of Nepal. We also encourage everyone to make a donation to the relief effort. Please see the message in the link below from REI – one of PMI’s business partners. We appreciate what REI, the Mercy Corps, and so many others are doing to help. If possible, please support the relief effort for the people of Nepal.

FDIC 2015 was a Huge Success!

April 28th, 2015

Last week over 850 vendors and 50,000 attendees descended on Indianapolis, Indiana for FDIC International 2015. It was a great show!

PMI was visible from just about anywhere on the floor. Anyone on the exhibit hall floor could see the hanging ropes, and ascending and descending activity coming from booth 3217. As they got closer they were able to watch Loui McCurley and Andrew Duran give live Harken® Powerseat™ demos, riding high into the rafters of the convention center!

There was lot of buzz about the 12.5mm Hudson Classic Pro with Unicore® Technology prior to the show, and it drew a large amount of interest from attendees, firefighters, industry competitors, and purchasing agents alike. Instead of just talking about the benefits of the rope, we encouraged people to try to milk the sheath off the core themselves! Anyone who stopped by received a 1’ sample of the rope and a poster. This rope turned a lot of heads at the show, and with its’ increased safety features will soon make a big splash in the industry.

Also new at this year’s booth, PMI had two TerrAdaptor™ tripods set up. One of the units was in the classic tripod position, while the other was laid flat, spanning a section of metal trusses. It was a powerful way to exhibit the flexibility of the TerrAdaptor™, and how it sets itself apart from the competition. Some even found it hard to believe that both units were in fact the same piece of gear.

Looking forward to the 2016 show!

Stop by and See PMI and VRS at FDIC 2015!

April 23rd, 2015

Stop by and see PMI this afternoon as the exhibit floor opens at FDIC 2015 in Indianapolis, IN. PMI’s Sales, Vertical Rescue Solutions, and Marketing teams want to meet you, show you some PMI gear, and answer your questions. We will be demoing the Harken® PowerSeat™ on PMI ropes, we are also announcing the new Hudson Classic Pro with Unicore® – a 1/2″ rope designed specifically for fire fighters. FDIC is the largest fire conference and exhibit show in North America – don’t miss it!

Stop by PMI Booth #3217 starting at 1PM EST today! The show continues through Saturday until 2PM EST.


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